Akokono House

Who We Are

We are a food tech business in Ghana on a mission to produce West & Central Africa's most cost-effective, nutritious, resource-efficient and accessible form of protein, palm larvae, with technology and farming systems proudly built in Ghana.



Description about
team/Company Culture

  1. We are solutions-oriented – we focus on solutions rather than blame when it comes to challenges or problems we encounter.
  2. We are collaborative – the company comes before the individual and we take accountability
  3. We communicate with candour + empathy – with ourselves and with each other (across hierarchies and across departments), we communicate
    1. In a direct and honest fashion
    2. Taking the time to consider the knowledge base (empathetic + using theory of mind)
  4. We are adaptable + always looking for progress – we adapt to new situations and emerging challenges as innovation is at the core of our work
  5. We are daring – we do not shy away from what may seem like insurmountable projects at the beginning because we know that with dedication + creativity, anything is possible
  6. We are responsive – we aim to get back to each other within a reasonable time to be considerate of each other’s time

Why Akokono

Palm larvae (Akokono) are a nutritional powerhouse. They have protein, good fats, zinc, B vitamins, iron, magnesium and calcium. Palm larvae are a traditional food loved by so many in West & Central Africa.

Our Awesome Team

Shobhita Soor

Founder & CEO

Richard Owusu Boateng

Operations Manager - Farms & Upcycling

Anita Agyare

Operations Manager - Products

Augustus Marfo

Director of Finance

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